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Problems in Restaurants

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Restaurant owners – or anyone who ever worked in restaurants – know that there are always plenty of problems in restaurants. However, our more than 20 years of experience in food & beverage business has shown us that we can solve all problems in restaurants & catering problems in 7 steps in a strategical approach we designed.


1. The Definition Of The Problems in Restaurants

Most f&b business owner think that even they solve some problems, things do not go well. Above all, the reason is usually that what is cured is just symptoms, not the problem itself. In other words, defining the problems, going to the roots are crucial to have a strong business. Actually this is the part that requires experience and knowledge the most.

2. Operations & Issues Tree

As a result, we collect all the data and problem detection, we create a problem tree, asking “why” questions to structure full strategy.

3. Eliminate All Non-key Issues

Therefore, it is important to eliminate un-related issues to major issues and prioritize key-issues in the complex f&b operations. This process also called “funneling”.

4. Build A Specific Work Plan

Further, we build a plan that considers efficiency, end product and accountability in all over the production and service phases.

5. Conduct Critical Analysis

We conduct the analysis of most beneficial business activities and to reduce the effort being spent on non-efficient activities to use resources more effectively in restaurants likewise catering services.

6. Arguments And Recommendations

Moreover, we prepare a recommendation report of actions to take in order to solve problems and reach optimum efficiency operations.

7. Powerful Tactics and Environment

To clarify, we prepare all the environment to implement solutions with success.

Also you can read our blog article here to understand better the new marketing environment for restaurants. In addition, you can visit restaurantengine to read an interesting article for some other common problems!


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