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Diet Plus


 Nutrition & Fitness Center

Diet Plus specializes in calorie controlled meals with a 20 years’ experience in the diet field. The Diet Plus will start delivering calorie controlled weight loss meals in Turkey. We are based in Istanbul. We are 100% Healthy Food facility. We are all about great food that’s healthy, tasty, portioned controlled, conveniently delivered and most importantly without any Preservatives or Additives.

When it Comes to ready to eat Meals, You will quickly realize that we are miles ahead of the competition. We’re not just about weight loss, in fact that just happens as a fabulous byproduct. At Diet Plus our focus is to create healthy lifestyles, healthy digestion and healthy people from the inside, out. We aim to deliver the convenience that our clients need in order to create healthy lifestyles.

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“Busy people need more than just convenience with their nutrition, they need their meals to be healthy, nutritionally balanced, caloric controlled and the produce to be as local with low carbon miles .. Plus of course, delicious”

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