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Restaurant Consultants

Hospitality Management and Compliance

Our long-winded experience tells us that to make an operation attain its goal or supersede it, the right management team should be in place.

In filling key management positions, Food Tailors can select candidates from without the business circle if required. But if in-house candidates who can rise to such positions are there, the company may help them achieve such positions.

Restaurant Compliance Issues

We know how important it is to ensure that the restaurants are compliant with all the industry regulations with the least possible legal exposure. Addressing compliance issues is critical and sometimes even fatal to the long-term health of any restaurant business, especially as it grows to be a bigger target for lawsuits.

The areas for which we can provide counsel include:

  • Employee Relations
  • Management Development/Training
  • Communications Systems
  • Policy Review
  • Compliance System Review
  • Safety Initiatives/Training
  • Compliance Review
  • Loss Prevention